VINCI Autoroutes and Tinynode: 20 more rest areas equipped with smart sensors


VINCI Autoroutes has pursued its collaboration with Tinynode and installed truck detectors on 20 additional rest areas of its highway network. The sensors and associated information systems are now operational.
After qualifying Tinynode's sensor technology in 2011 on two A10 highway rest areas, then deploying the system at a larger scale in 2013 on 26 parkings of the A7, A9, A20, A46 and A63 highways, VINCI Autoroutes renews its trust in Tinynode with the installation of these 20 additional sites on the A10 and A11 highways.
VINCI Autoroutes' investment is part of its ambitious program aiming at reducing its environmental footprint, an endeavor undertaken for several years (see here).

Tinynode's wireless vehicle detection system, complemented by variable message signs enables motorists to schedule their breaks on parkings where spaces are still available. It reduces time and resources waste and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

PMV PL Cofiroute

In France, more than 50 parkings are now powered by Tinynode's wireless vehicle detection system as the technology for retrieving real-time information on availability of parking spaces.

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