Our philosophy

A number of studies have shown that people spend 20% - 60% of their driving time randomly looking for a parking space!

It is mainly a technology problem: based on an efficient outdoor vehicle detection system and smartphone or navigation system usage, cities would be able to help citizens stop wasting time, life quality, and resources.

Our mission

Design and sell wireless vehicle detection systems.

Tinynode aims at helping to create a smarter, safer, easier and more comfortable driving world.

We make smart parking happen

Smart parking and smart cities will change life quality for the better.

For decades we have been struggling, sometimes even fighting to find parking spots because we had no help. And it is all going to end! Tomorrow we will not only know where to find an available spot but also book one.

We will have smarter cars driving us to the right spot and smartphones reminding us where we parked our car.


Swiss made

As a Swiss-based company we strive to deliver a top quality, reliable product.

We analysed all critical aspects of vehicle detection system and only put the best in it. And we keep pushing for better performance.
Being based in Switzerland and part of Paradox Engineering's ecosystem, we are able to partner with the best experts in our key assets: signal processing and wireless, low power communication. These guys are our neighbours.