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We design and offer high performance detection systems for parking-related applications.

They rely on a patented, lowest-power, multi-hop, self-configuring radio communication protocol. It integrates smoothly with existing technologies.

Our sensors: reliable, affordable and high battery duration

Our A4 and B4 sensors offer a detection reliability above 98%. The radio communication availability is above 99% (source : on-site tests and actual deployments).
Our extremely competitive prices combined with  a simple, low-tech installation enable cost-effective projects and applications.
Our sensors' battery life reaches 10 years (L and H versions). Batteries can then be replaced without any road work.





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Our products are wireless and can be installed on all existing or new parkings. They are either glued or screwed on the asphalt.

   Image sans maintenance Our sensors have been designed to be operated in a maintenance-free fashion. The battery exchange (after 5, 8 or 10 years depending on version) is easy and does not require any road work.

Above ground


Below ground

Capteurs A4 et A4-H

The A4 (car detection)  and A4-H (truck detection) sensors are installed on the asphalt. The installation is thus easy and cost-effective and requires no core drilling.

   Capteurs B4 et B4-H The B4 (car detection) and B4-H (truck detection) sensors are installed in the asphalt, flush with the ground. It enables classic winter service, including snow-plowing.

Car detection


Truck/HGV detection

Capteurs pour voiture A4 and B4  sensors have been optimized for car applications. A high-performance detection and an affordable price  allow a large application range to be served  (read more in our case studies).    Capteurs pour poids lourds A4-H and B4-H are dedicated to truck/HGV detection. They improve safety on highways and enable an optimal repartition of trucks on existing rest and service areas.

Turnkey solutions

Our large partner network will work hand in hand with us to accommodate your projects and applications.

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Discover our case studies

Tinynode sensors are used in a large variety of situations. Discover some of the applications we have already covered.

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