Story of the Company

Shockfish SA was founded in 1998 around an innovative idea: offer an interactive meeting tool for a broad range of events . Its expertise of wireless communication and lowest-power wireless communication was forged during the development of the different generations of the SpotMe system.

As a start-up, Shockfish SA kept a close contact with the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)  and various world-renowned Research Laboratories, bringing together the best of the Academic and Industrial world.

In 2004, Shockfish SA initiated the development of a Wireless Sensor Network platform, called Tinynode. Since 2004, Shockfish put all its effort into bringing the best of its industrial expertise and academic partnerships (see Alliances & Research papers) into Tinynode Technology.

Tinynode Logo

In 2012, Tinynode SA was created as a spin-off of Shockfish SA to dedicate itself to Wireless Sensor Networks and their applications.

As a business, Tinynode SA generates revenue by selling Tinynode modules and Wireless Vehicle Detection Systems and associated services.