OptiPark: the New Turnkey Solution for Parking Management by Optifib


Optifib is a major player on the static and dynamic signage market. Optifib is a reference brand in the segments of on-street parking guidance panels and short stay parking spaces monitoring.

By equipping its company car park with a solution embedding Tinynode car detection solutions, Optifib enters the market of turnkey outdoors parking guidance systems.

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In addition to guiding its visitors towards available spaces, the equipment of the parking enables Optifib to demonstrate its integration and system-level know-how.

Tinynode's detection solution is complemented by custom-designed Variable Message Signs and a back office solution, enabling the management of the system.

The variable message signs and the back office system allow real-time motorists' guidance towards available spaces via the OptiPark software, developed by Optifib.

 Aperçu application OptiPark
The OptiPark software solution

Installation Parc Optifib   Installation Parc Optifib
Dynamic motorists' guidance towards available spaces

The solution offered by Optifib can be applied in many areas of urban parking

  • Real-time parking guidance
  • Specific zones monitoring (short stay, loading/unloading, time-limited, taxi, etc.)

  Installation parc Optifib   Installation parc Optifib
  Examples of displays broadcasting the number of available spaces in a parking zone (shopping mall, airport or parking garage rooftops) 

And solutions for companies and merchants:

  • Dynamic guidance of customers and visitors towards available spaces 
  • Employees parking optimization

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