26.11.2014 - 10:44


Optifib is a major player on the static and dynamic signage market. Optifib is a reference brand in the segments of on-street parking guidance panels and short stay parking spaces monitoring.

By equipping its company car park with a solution embedding Tinynode car detection solutions, Optifib enters the market of turnkey outdoors parking guidance systems.

Logo Optifib

In addition to guiding its visitors towards available spaces, the equipment of the parking enables Optifib to demonstrate its integration and system-level know-how.

Tinynode's detection solution is complemented by custom-designed Variable Message Signs and a back office solution, enabling the management of the system.

The variable message signs and the back office system allow real-time motorists' guidance towards available spaces via the OptiPark software, developed by Optifib.

 Aperçu application OptiPark
The OptiPark software solution

Installation Parc Optifib   Installation Parc Optifib
Dynamic motorists' guidance towards available spaces

The solution offered by Optifib can be applied in many areas of urban parking

  • Real-time parking guidance
  • Specific zones monitoring (short stay, loading/unloading, time-limited, taxi, etc.)

  Installation parc Optifib   Installation parc Optifib
  Examples of displays broadcasting the number of available spaces in a parking zone (shopping mall, airport or parking garage rooftops) 

And solutions for companies and merchants:

  • Dynamic guidance of customers and visitors towards available spaces 
  • Employees parking optimization

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29.09.2014 - 16:23

Parckr is an Intelligent Truck Parking initiative, backed by the Netherlands state. Its goal is to provide truck parking occupancy information in the Netherlands first, then in the whole Benelux, Germany and North of France. Parckr's ambition for the next few years is to be able to inform about the occupancy state of as many as possible of the 2'900 truck parkings located in the European highway network.

This information will be available on several channels, amongst which a dedicated smartphone app.

Aperçu de l'application Parckr
Preview of the Parckr app

There is a high interest for truck drivers and highway operators to know parking spaces availability in real-time:

  • To optimize the occupancy of existing rest area (see case study) and avoid the large investments needed to build additional parking areas
  • To avoid parking overfilling
  • To allow truck drivers to better plan their travel and their legal rest periods
  • To reduce safety issues caused by wild truck parking outside designated areas (extreme case: parking on the emergency lane) in saturated areas

With more than 50 truck parking areas equipped in France with its wireless truck detection system, Tinynode was a natural choice for the team in charge of the Parckr project.

A first parking has now been equipped in collaboration with Imtech.

Logo Imtech

The "Meelakkers" service area is located south of Eindhoven on the A67/E34 highway which allows vehicles travelling from Belgium and Germany to cross the Netherlands. Each truck parking space of the parking is now equipped with the high performance Tinynode B4-H flush-mount sensors.

Parking PL de Meelakkers aux Pays-Bas

Meelakkers truck parking (see map)

Pavel Gaina, Sales consultant International Business at Imtech explains why Imtech chose Tinynode: "The excellent references and reputation of Tinynode led us to select them. The complete installation could take place in one day. The system startup on an occupied and operating parking area (around thirty trucks were present at startup time) was conducted in less than one hour! The performance and flexibility of their system is a key advantage for system integrators like Imtech".


28.08.2014 - 13:33

Since August 25th, the Swiss Television (RTS) in a co-production with France 3 Régions, proposes a series of 60 innovative entrepreneur portraits. They all take part in the "Inventer Demain" (Invent Tomorrow) competition. Each of them presents its company innovative product in a 3 minutes episode, broadcast daily on the RTS 1 Channel. All presentation videos will be available soon after their diffusion here.

After this first phase, each "TTC - Toutes Taxes Comprises" (All taxes included) economic broadcast issue will select the entrepreneur of the week. A total of 12 finalists will be chosen (6 French and 6 Swiss).


Finally, on December 1st, the 12 finalists will be invited to a TTC - Toutes Taxes comprises special live show, where a jury will select the best Swiss and French entrepreneurs of the year.

Parking "à la carte" with Tinynode

17.06.2014 - 12:48

A new interesting article (in German) has been published by the  Auto Bild magazine. It presents the advantages of the innovative Smart Parking project in Lausanne.


The installation of Tinynode sensors in the Beau-Séjour part of Lausanne will allow motorists to easily find an available parking space. In addition, the time gained in the parking process will also benefit to the environment by limiting the greenhouse gas emissions.


[Complete article]

17.04.2014 - 07:44

Tinynode stand at Intertraffic 2014

Intertraffic Amsterdam was a great show for Tinynode, and a great opportunitiy to exchange about exciting Smart Parking projects with customers and users!

Thanks for your visit, and see you in 2016!

04.04.2014 - 16:31

Case Study: learn how Tinynode sensors can integrate in the highways ecosystem. We will show you how safety and travel conditions are improved for professional drivers while optimizing highway infrastructures usage.



A case study on the same subject for another highway operator:

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