G2Mobility and Tinynode : Electric car charging point monitoring

G2Mobility is a leading provider of electric car charging points. It has been chosen to install equipments throughout the French Eure-et-Loir department. The SDE28 (Regional Energy Forum) and the SEIPC (Electric Utility Company) have run extensive tests with equipment suppliers, with the goal to trial the solution to be rolled out in conditions as close as possible to the real use case. After the tests, the DIVA charging station provided by G2Mobility has been selected.

Borne DIVA G2MOBILITY Recharge Zoé via borne DIVA G2MOBILITY
G2Mobility's charging point have been deployed across the whole Eure-et-Loir department

Pushing further its innovation, G2Mobility approached Tinynode to complement its electric charging point offering. By integrating its management software and Tinynode's wireless vehicle detection system, G2Mobility now offers a unique and innovative electric charging point occupancy detection.

This feature gets useful when electric charging points are used as regular parking spaces by unauthorized vehicles. The global offering has convinced the SDE28 which is now experimenting it on more than 100 charging points.

Learn more about our partner G2Mobility (in French) : http://www.g2mobility.com/
Learn more about this project (in French) : http://www.g2mobility.com/95-bornes-g2mobility-pour-le-sde28-et-le-seipc/